Thursday, September 19, 2019

Shows 102 and 103 have been aired...

Hello Friends...
Show #102 and 103 have been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio, and can be heard on my replays page at the following link, where it will be up for about 5 weeks.
Check them out at:
Dr. Diane


Show #102 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Politics in the Church. This program is on Politics in the Church, since we are just a few weeks from an important Canadian federal election. This is a critical issue in the body of believers, yet too many have forgotten the extreme responsibility that we have to get out and vote for the keeping of our Christian values, especially right now when there is so much going on here and around the world. Politics and the Church used to be all rolled into one in the Old Testament. Today many Christians don’t even bother to vote in many cases nor provide volunteer services to their local party representatives. And then they complain about how this party or that one is failing their expectations. This program helps us understand the problem and how it can be solved.

Show #103 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Peter and the Rock.</b>
I was listening to a prominent preacher on the television not long ago who referred at some point to Peter in the bible, whom some churches believe was the first pope. He then went on to explain that the words Peter and rock in the famous scripture of Matthew 16:18 do not mean the same thing.  He then said something else that caught my attention and that got me to check the scripture in question.  But the exciting thing about this is that while I looked this up I saw something else, awesome, that I had not really noticed before and that's what I'm sharing today in this program.

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