Thursday, October 31, 2019

Show #109 -- "EndTimes, Prophecies and Our English Bible"

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Show #109 -- "EndTimes, Prophecies and Our English Bible", has been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio, and can be heard on my replays page at the following link, where it will be up for about 5 weeks at:

Dr. Diane

Show #109 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Our English Bible. In a Bible teaching recently, I asked the participants around the table to each read one verse of the chapter we were studying. I couldn't help noticing the various versions the people read from. It reminded me of an article I wrote many years ago about the various translations of the Bible that began shortly after the king James Bible was produced. These translations are actually what brings us back to the 17th century when the King James was written in order to bring everybody to one common book that could be read together by all Christians. Today we are back to that time with everybody having different versions of the Word of God that cannot be read and understood correlatively. This program brings a history of how we got our English Bible.

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