Monday, December 30, 2019

Show #117 and 118 "EndTimes, Prophecies and Christmas and New Year's messages

Hello Friends...

Show #117 and 118 "EndTimes, Prophecies and Christmas and New Year's messages have been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio, and can be heard on my replays page at the following link, where it will be up for about 5 weeks at:

Dr. Diane

Brief of Show #117:

Today is the Sunday before Christmas, and because I usually take time between Christmas and New Year to catch up on work that must be done by the end of the year and sort out and plan my work for the next year, I am today re-playing the Christmas message from last week... this will be a chance for those who could not hear it last week to be blessed with this important Christmas message.

Brief of Show #118:

We do live in the last book of the Bible right now and have been told of the perilous times to come. However, those of us who know God rejoice in the fact that He is in control and that He guides us, through His Holy Spirit into all truths, and with the peace that is in our hearts as a result of the birth of Jesus Christ who is the prophesied Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father upon whose shoulders the government shall be when He returns a second time to take over His Kingdom on Earth. What an exciting hope to look forward to in the coming New Year 2020.

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