Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Show #116 "EndTimes, Prophecies and Keeping Christmas"

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Show #116 "EndTimes, Prophecies and Keeping Christmas" has been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio, and can be heard on my replays page at the following link, where it will be up for about 5 weeks at: 


Dr. Diane

Brief of Show #116:
I was talking to a Christian recently at a church event and he was complaining, again as many other Christians do quite commonly, about how commercialized Christmas has become. His point was that it is no longer about the birth of Christ – so, therefore he no longer feels like celebrating it or being part of the celebration of the season. I said to him that on the contrary we should rejoice even more—what an opportunity to witness and testify about the reason for the season. How much more should we decorate and make it prominent in the midst of the commercial hustle and bustle. What a baby that was born in a manger some 2,000 years ago and still cause traffic jams and raucous throughout the world. In this program, I talk about how we should not cave in to the secular pressure.

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