Thursday, July 30, 2020

Hello Friends,

Show #146, "Where Are We in the EndTimes and Prophecies, Part 4" has been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio, and can be heard on my replays page at the following link, where it will be up for about 5 weeks at:

Dr. Diane

Brief of Show #146:   
Last week was what I thought was going to be the last part of the series on the answer to the question “where are we in the end times time-line?” But there was so much to cover yet in order to get to that final answer, that it took one more part and this is it today. It all began by reviewing the time of Messiah when He came to earth the 1st time some two-thousand years ago, when the Jewish people missed that visitation; then the prophecies of the book of Daniel that projected the exact time of His coming when Jesus entered Jerusalem sitting on a donkey... as well as the time of Messiah's second coming that will take place in the end time. Then last week was when I began to cover the time when “the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout” from 1st Thessalonians, chapter 4... which took the whole of the program that was thought to be the last part of this message. But the Lord knew otherwise and it took one more program to bring us to the end of this important message, and that is today's which is Part 4.

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Hello Friends, Show #146, " Where Are We in the EndTimes and Prophecies, Part 4 " has been aired on Spirit FM 88.7 Christia...