Thursday, June 30, 2022

Show #235, Where Are We in EndTimes Prophecies, Part4

Hello Friends,

Show #235 will air Sunday, July 3, on Spirit FM 88.7 Christian radio locally or by Internet around the world at, 7 am and 7 pm pacific time.  It will be also available to be heard on my replays page for 5 weeks thereafter at the following link:

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Dr. Diane

Brief of the Show:

Show #235, Where Are We in EndTimes Prophecies, Part4. This program continues from the last programs on the time of the visitation of our Lord to this earth covered a couple of programs ago, to the prophecies of Daniel about the seventy weeks to come in the end, also covered in previous programs... picking up here today from last week's program in this particular series that covers the return of Christ in the end times.


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